Unique Horse Art

What’s With the Horses?

Some might think that my art is an obsessive love for horses… and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. The real reason behind both the deep love and the featuring of them in my work is due to the many qualities that horses represent. 

I don’t believe that everything in life must have a reason, but when it comes to my art (especially my paintings) there are messages embedded in the seemingly simplest of things, like the lines, the abstract backgrounds, and the colors. 

For one, most of my life has been focused on mental health and healing deep wounds ( I guess that’s to be expected being surrounded by counselors and philosophy enthusiasts). The solely most consistent figure of healing for me was horses. For the chances I got to learn from them while working with them; also to learn more about their influence on how humans all over the world were impacted by these creatures. Even today, equine therapy and therapeutic time involving horses has yielded so many beneficial results, bringing a kind of hope and energy that’s unique to the horse. 

Each piece I make is ALWAYS more than just aesthetic. Of course, each one of my works will be unique and will tackle a new concept specific to that piece. 

One concept is certain throughout every piece: The enigmatic energy of the horse is there, encouraging introspection, reflection, acceptance, and healing. 

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