About the Artist

Intrigued and compelled by the elusiveness and exclusivity of the concepts of freedom, place, and influence, Lindsay’s work often illustrates a dynamic balance of them all and invites the viewer to grapple with their own sense of influence, freedom, and place. As the audience will note most often the subjects of Lindsay’s paintings are posited in an abstract space, which calls into question the viewer’s position within a life with so many abstracts made into “reality” by constructs accepted by the one with the perception. Another common factor within Lindsay’s work is the featuring of two seemingly contrasting subjects, the horse and the lion. Both subjects illicit primal understandings of strength, willfulness, prowess, and awe. Often the horse subjects represent the idea of one’s freedom in Lindsay’s work, and depending on the expression, position and even the direction the horse is facing conveys insight of the differing levels of freedom. Power and divinity can be witnessed in both horse and lion, and the analysis of whether or not balance between the two can be found and maintained is a question Lindsay explores in her work. Lindsay’s goal with her work is to invite introspection and to allow for balance between these three main concepts with the visual reminders provided within her works.


“My art encourages, serves as visual reminders of our strength, determination, connection and vulnerability and the powerful lessons that can be found within our reflection.”