Why the Lines? Using a Tool of Connection in my Work

Why the Lines? Using a Tool of Connection in my Work

If you’ve stuck around my work for a while you’ll notice my use of continuous line. As you probably have guessed, it’s not just for the aesthetic.  A lot of my focus as an artist and as a human being rests on the understanding of connection, how it’s created, how it ends, where it can be found, and everything in between. How are we connected to ourselves versus everything else around us? How  do we find ways to reconnect? How do we sustain it?

I call these lines “veins”. I loooooove exploring themes that are contrasts. Case in point, wholeness and fragmented. The pieces featuring the veins are illustrating my belief that yes, we can be fragmented and still complete (whole). And even when we are feeling like pieces it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you, in some cases your life would benefit from remembering your wholeness and your connectedness that flows the same as your veins. You shouldn’t have to fight to be worthy or respected, you are worth that dignity simply because you have veins. Because it is in you, in all of us, in every living thing. 

That is not to say that because you are inherently connected, everything in your life is meant to be fine. This is me saying you deserve love, respect, and growth within an environment that allows you to expand your horizons and be assured of yourself. 

So now you know a little more about the lines in my work. They are reminders, showing connection even in chaotic and unsuspecting environments. I just know that for those who tend to overthink or accept all the responsibility half the time are forgetting this knowledge: that is they are already enough, worthy, and connected. Nurture yourself accordingly.

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